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Back to running

I realized the other day that I haven’t posted here in a long time. So, here’s what has been going on with my running.

I took a TWO year break as I was having issues with my IT bands and I sought out a PT for this. I noticed that I was sitting with my legs tucked underneath me when I would sit down. Once I changed this strategy, I had no more issues with my IT bands. I had pain just walking and sometimes when I was trying to sleep at night my legs would throb and hurt.

Looking back on my running history, I can see where I started to walk and run more often now that I didn’t have any pain in my legs at all.

I’ve gotten past doing intervals and I’m currently running about 3-4 miles at a time. I run the entire thing. I’ve been slowing down as I run if I feel I need to. Just running the entire thing is a huge accomplishment to me. I’ve been pushing my body to see how far I can go without stopping.

I started with just 2 miles on the rail trail. Then I decided to do three, but I ended up doing a 5K. The rail trail here is split up on one end by a 2 mile increment. I knew that my body could do the 4 miles, I just had to wrap my brain around that. I accomplished this for the first time on October 2, 2017! I did stop here and there, but, I did it! I did it again on November 4, 2017, this time without stopping. I have done mostly 2 and 3 mile runs lately. I think I’m due for another 4 mile run, or even beyond, soon!

I’ve signed up to do a Santa Fun Run on December 9, 2017. This will be the first time I’ve run in December. It’s a 5K on a farm and I’ve heard it’s a nice run with pretty scenery.

I’ve signed up to do my first 8K on April 29, 2018! This is the Inaugural National Women’s Half and 8K run! I’m so stoked!

I’m seriously considering entering the MCM 10K next Fall. The registration opens in mid-April, 2018, so I’m going to see how I feel at that moment and think about it after my first 8K, then decide.


Breaking the cabin fever run!

We had a blizzard here in Maryland I couldn’t run outside at all. I couldn’t even go outside. So, once the blizzard was finished I broke my cabin fever with a run outside. It felt good to use my muscles and I broke in my new shoes with the first outside run since I bought them!

I held back a little on my pace as I was running intervals and I wasn’t sure if there were puddles or ice. I also ran on a slightly hilly route here locally so I didn’t have to drive. I was actually happy with my time and pace since I haven’t run in a while.








Treadmill Training Run – 3

I ran this yesterday and I forgot how to do intervals on my watch, so I took a photo of the treadmill too. I actually went further, I go by my Garmin for runs, but, for this one, I stopped it too soon and started it up again. Ack. So, I am going by the treadmill this time.

This was a good run actually. I did a 5 minute run/2 minute walk interval for 2 two miles.