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Breaking the cabin fever run!

We had a blizzard here in Maryland I couldn’t run outside at all. I couldn’t even go outside. So, once the blizzard was finished I broke my cabin fever with a run outside. It felt good to use my muscles and I broke in my new shoes with the first outside run since I bought them!

I held back a little on my pace as I was running intervals and I wasn’t sure if there were puddles or ice. I also ran on a slightly hilly route here locally so I didn’t have to drive. I was actually happy with my time and pace since I haven’t run in a while.








Treadmill Training Run – 3

I ran this yesterday and I forgot how to do intervals on my watch, so I took a photo of the treadmill too. I actually went further, I go by my Garmin for runs, but, for this one, I stopped it too soon and started it up again. Ack. So, I am going by the treadmill this time.

This was a good run actually. I did a 5 minute run/2 minute walk interval for 2 two miles.