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KonMari and Dave Ramsey

This year I have to just clean out one cabinet in the kitchen, one shelf in the basement storage area and go through our board games and card games. I just cleaned out my sewing area. I have two sewing machines for sale. I condensed my sewing items so much that I actually have some more storage boxes that are empty. I loaded up my truck the other day and brought a lot of photo frames and other items to donate. We have two Blu-Ray players for sale and 2 Apple TV’s also! Once I go through our cabinet, I’m sure there will be other things for donation or for sale.

Since we’re at the end of the road with KonMari, we decided to start on the Total Money Makeover with Dave Ramsey for 2017.

2017 is a NO spend year. Unless it’s absolutely necessary for work or groceries/household items, it will not be purchased. We went through our budget and we couldn’t account for quite a bit of money going out of our bank account.

Hubby has a business wardrobe that needs some things replenished throughout the year. I literally am set for clothes. Even after giving away items, I still have enough to last all year without buying anything.

Cash is our friend. We’re at the beginning of the stages, BS1 is underway though!

We have a car being paid off in a couple of months and hopefully we’ll have a tax refund to get BS1 complete!

Our goal for this year isn’t that difficult. Since I’m the one that usually goes shopping for the house and food, I just have to stick to the list and stay away from buying things that aren’t necessary. Amazon and Target seem to be the easy places to stay away from. We do have subscribe and save through Amazon, which is something that I recently edited to only necessary items per month. We are letting our BJ’s club membership expire and I’ll look at Costco later this month. I feel that BJ’s is limited with certain things. I’ll see if Costco meets our needs for bulk items. But honestly we use Amazon for most bulk things each month. It just seemed like a of time, gas and money to get to BJ’s each month. My usual amount spent could be directed to something else, like a bill or savings.

I’ll check in next month with an update!



A while ago I purchased this book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. She’s the person that changed my life for the better while just reading a book!

Over the past two months I’ve been going through things according to the book, but, I’ve actually been doing this since the Spring. We moved my creative space from an upstairs bedroom and a lower office to one big area in the basement. Before the move in August, I knew I would have to start getting rid of things, because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed and to do it when everything was in one area. It happened anyway, but, in a much smaller scale.

The basis of the KonMari method is to keep things that only Spark Joy. Keeping this in mind I went through the first category in my closet and dresser drawers. I learned to fold things the proper way so things stand up and aren’t wrinkled when worn. I also learned that holding on to things “just in case” is not the way to live. The wasting money aspect was a stumbling block over a weekend, then I just thought about it and prayed about it and moved past it.

I had been doing this with just my clothes.

Then the weather began to change and I wanted to get some Fall decorations out around the house. I had read in the book to get rid of empty boxes for appliances and items that you’ve purchased right away. The reason behind this is that if you need to return it and it’s not in the box it was purchased in, it’s okay. You can buy a new box…you also don’t need the instructions for some things, so you can toss the manuals. I have kept a LOT of boxes up in the garage attic space. Every time hubby would go up there to get something down, I would hear him say that there are a lot of boxes. So, with him up in the attic space to get down the Fall decorations, I took this chance to make both of us happy. Here’s the result of him purging the boxes:

img_4671 img_4645 img_4628

The pile of boxes just kept growing and growing.

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Food Allergies and Issues

My family has numerous issues and food allergies.

Here’s a list of everything we cannot tolerate or cannot eat due to reactions or dietary restrictions. I dare you to find one thing in your pantry and/or fridge that we can eat and post that in the comments.

I cannot have anything cheese or milk based as my stomach rebels. I eat Greek yogurt and some cheese with no issues. Garlic  and Ginger – I cannot have these as I will get a migraine.

We cannot have any products that contain:


Squash or gourds (such as pumpkin)

Nuts *peanuts are not nuts* (we can use peanut butter with no issues)

Soy *no soy*


High Fructose CORN syrup

Corn – Any type of corn derivative, no corn meal, corn on the cob, corn syrup, no corn. *yes, popcorn counts, even the “none allergy kind and Pirate booty too!*


Dietary restrictions for one person:

No meat, chicken or pork

No bread

So, we are switching to more fish and fruits and veggies for my daughter which was suggested as an anti-inflammatory diet. No bread is hard for her, the veggie part is okay, easy. She can have tuna and salmon. She cannot eat soy, corn products. That’s really hard for her. Oatmeal is okay. She cannot have honey, so I use Agave when I cook. She cannot have squash.

The corn allergy is real. My grand-daughter was getting head aches and getting sick at school. We couldn’t figure out why. We eliminated ALL corn products. High fructose corn syrup is in everything. Ketchup, cereal, snacks. She now takes pretzels for her snack at school and I found a great juice box for her to take. The Snapple half and half was making her get a headache.

Hopefully this diet will help her feel better and get back on track with her pain issues. We’re still seeing doctors even after 10 months since the car accident.


Embroidery on jeans

We had new windows installed the other day. Since I had a lot of time on my hands, I finally was able to complete this for my grand-daughter. She’s 8. We had chosen the thread colors and the pattern around Christmas, but, I didn’t have any time to do it then. Took no time at all. This is a design from Embroidery Library –… and I used a 4 x 4 hoop. I split the outside seam on her new jeans and just guessed at where it should go. I think it turned out great and the hug and smile I received means she does too!

IMG_2018 IMG_2021



Long, long year

This is my last post for 2015. I haven’t posted very much in this blog this year…too many things going on to actually sit down and post something.

This year has been up and down so much. We’ve had a lot of great things happen and a few bad things.

Overall the year was pretty good.

We are still working with doctors all over our state to figure out what’s going on with my daughter after the car accident. We all know that God has this, I have faith in Him and that He will lead us to the right doctor to unlock the puzzle.

We had a good Christmas and heading into 2016, I promise to post more often.

Happy New Year!