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Daith piercing follow up post #3

It’s been a week and a day since I had my daith piercing. I have had NO MIGRAINES. I even ate garlic yesterday which is one of my triggers.

I had a slight headache today, but, after taking a nice long nap, it’s gone. I can deal with a headache that is from being tired or I need to take a Tylenol to get rid of.

My daughter was told by a doctor to gently pull on the piercing as it’s healing to activate the nerves and I’ve been doing that without even knowing to do it.

He also told her to get her other side done. I may do that later this month. Since it works.

Man, this is a life changer.

I’m still cleaning both piercings, turning the earring and moving it around. No more swelling, it’s super comfy to sleep on it now.


Daith piercing follow up post #2

Another update on my daith piercing. I have a slight headache from being tired. Haha, I need to nap in the afternoon.

Some info:

Yes, it hurt. I had that done first and it hurt. But it didn’t hurt as badly as getting my tragus done. That had scar tissue so it hurt much worse. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I cannot stand blood. And I cannot watch anyone get a shot or blood drawn. Even a stranger.

It was $40 for the daith piercing and $30 for the tragus. I had a heart put in as I LOVE hearts. But, after having the ring for the tragus, I wish I had gotten that for the daith too. It’s harder to clean.

It will be a week tomorrow. I purchased this:…/…/B00X8LM98Y…and this:…/…/B004OZTQ8Y…

You clean your ear piercing two to three times a day. I use the aftercare for that. I don’t wash my hair daily, but, I still clean it in the shower with the soap every day. It’s the last thing I do before I get out and I make sure I rinse it well. You pat it dry with a q-tip.

I tossed the directions the piercer gave me as it seemed to make my piercing angry and my ear swelled up pretty large the first two days. I think that if I had done the cleanings like I’m doing now, that wouldn’t have happened.

I’m almost a week out and the swelling and redness is gone. I’m still sleeping on the opposite side. I can move the earrings freely, I do that when I clean them. No blood for two days.


Daith piercing follow up post #1

Update on my Daith piercing: I was pierced on May 27th.

I went strawberry picking on the 28th and it was really hot out. I will get a migraine or at least a light headache if I get hot. Nothing at all, just a little queasy stomach from not drinking enough water.

Rainy days over the weekend had NO effect on me. Usually I will get a headache, just saying.

June 1st, today, I started my PMS cycle. I was at the grocery store when the sleepiness hit me exactly after I get migraine. Then a slight headache from being tired. I took 3 Excedrin and it went away.

Queasy stomach and headaches are very common for me this time of the month. So that’s probably accounting for the queasy stomach on Saturday as well.

Stayed tuned for more as the week progresses!


Daith Piercing

I had my daith pierced today! My tragus was pierced years ago and I had it removed a couple of years ago. I had it pierced again today. I guess there was a lot of scar tissue. My daughter said that the piercer had to stand up to get the needle through. On the way home I felt something shift in my body. I hope this does help with my migraines. I love that it’s a heart ring!

As we were driving home, I felt something shift in my body. A visible shift.