KonMari and Dave Ramsey

This year I have to just clean out one cabinet in the kitchen, one shelf in the basement storage area and go through our board games and card games. I just cleaned out my sewing area. I have two sewing machines for sale. I condensed my sewing items so much that I actually have some more storage boxes that are empty. I loaded up my truck the other day and brought a lot of photo frames and other items to donate. We have two Blu-Ray players for sale and 2 Apple TV’s also! Once I go through our cabinet, I’m sure there will be other things for donation or for sale.

Since we’re at the end of the road with KonMari, we decided to start on the Total Money Makeover with Dave Ramsey for 2017.

2017 is a NO spend year. Unless it’s absolutely necessary for work or groceries/household items, it will not be purchased. We went through our budget and we couldn’t account for quite a bit of money going out of our bank account.

Hubby has a business wardrobe that needs some things replenished throughout the year. I literally am set for clothes. Even after giving away items, I still have enough to last all year without buying anything.

Cash is our friend. We’re at the beginning of the stages, BS1 is underway though!

We have a car being paid off in a couple of months and hopefully we’ll have a tax refund to get BS1 complete!

Our goal for this year isn’t that difficult. Since I’m the one that usually goes shopping for the house and food, I just have to stick to the list and stay away from buying things that aren’t necessary. Amazon and Target seem to be the easy places to stay away from. We do have subscribe and save through Amazon, which is something that I recently edited to only necessary items per month. We are letting our BJ’s club membership expire and I’ll look at Costco later this month. I feel that BJ’s is limited with certain things. I’ll see if Costco meets our needs for bulk items. But honestly we use Amazon for most bulk things each month. It just seemed like a of time, gas and money to get to BJ’s each month. My usual amount spent could be directed to something else, like a bill or savings.

I’ll check in next month with an update!


Hummus Recipe

My daughter creates this amazing hummus in my Vitamix. So good anytime and so easy! You know exactly what’s in it too! Get some amazing crackers or pita chips and enjoy!

1 can chickpeas, drained
2 medium cloves garlic
Dash of paprika
2 tbsp of lemon juice
3 tbsp of tahini (optional)
1/4 cup olive oil. Add more if you need to loosen up the humus.
Pinch of salt.




Near the finish line…

KonMari has been completed in 90% of the house. I have to purge and organize a couple of closets, photos and CD’s. I’m going to see what I can finish this week and then rest until after the New Year.

What a journey!

I went through all the crafty things down in my art space. I gave my artsy friend quite a bit. I hope this helps her launch a new venture! I have another artsy friend that I put things aside for when we meet next month.

Hubby put together a couple of organizers for me…I’ll post photos this week of before and after. I did get rid of a lot of card stock and I have more to go through. Extra stamps and stamp mounts, tools, scissors, products that were outdated or that I just didn’t use…all gone. I’ve been visiting Salvation Army’s donation line so often they actually are ready with a cart when I pull up. I’ve taken things out of boxes and containers and I’ve put them in drawers or on shelves.

I have found that I actually can find things when I’m looking for them.

I don’t have excessive things laying around.

It’s okay to have an empty space, shelf or cubby.

It’s helped a lot with my stress.

All good things!


Organizing and KonMari

One of the things that Marie mentions in the book is that you already have enough storage for your home. This is SO TRUE!

I took some things out of a basket recently and reused that basket under my bathroom sink, so everything was in one place. The baskets that were under there, are now holding all the medicine in our newly organized cabinet in the kitchen.

I just filled up four paper bags with mugs and glasses to give away.

Tackled the three baskets under our front hall bench. They fit inside the bench, which is good and bad.

I had my grand-daughter help me since 2/3 of the baskets are filled with school things, art supplies, her stuff!

One basket now has all paper for her to be creative with. Construction paper as well as plain printer paper. And a cool paper airplane book that she creates great airplanes with. My hubby helps her.

The other basket of hers was school papers from last May and from this school year. Now it’s really empty. She has a lot of room to put things into it.

The middle basket was a dumping ground. The makeup we were looking for face painting her face a few weeks ago WAS IN THAT BASKET. I knew I put it somewhere safe. So now we know where it is for the Spring. Twice a year I wait in an enormous line at our church festival for her to get her face painted. I wanted to do it beforehand this Fall, but, we couldn’t find the face paint. I even had hubby look in the Halloween decorations for it. NEVER AGAIN. I cleared out a lot of things for donating and she and I filled an entire garbage bag of things and papers.

Whew. I need to tackle the table in the living room before Wednesday when we move the furniture to clean the carpets. I also have to finish cleaning the fridge in the garage and in the house. Now that hubby is home all week, he can help.