I am not new to running, just starting over again. I’ve been running in some form since I was about 15 or16. I remember doing the 400 yard dash in high school. After I had kids I didn’t really have time to run, but, I would go on the treadmill or the elliptical and get my cardio. I also swam here and there for cardio. In 2003 I had some surgery that made it easier for me to run. I have no more pain.

As I’ve gotten older, I’m over 50 now, I’ve noticed that my running time has changed so much! I was running a 9:30 min/mile 7 years ago and I’m now working my way back to a 12 min/mile.

I’ve run four races, two timed and two for fun. The Color Run, a 5K that’s not timed, was a good race to start with. I ran that in September 2013.

I ran a Zombie 5K that was timed, in November 2013.

After taking time off from running, I realized I really missed it and that I needed to get back into it. I’m started out doing the C25K (Couch to 5K) program that Zen Labs offers.

I ran the Color run again in September 2015. I won’t be doing this one again, in this venue. Part of the run is in gravel and it makes my IT bands and knees hurt. 

I also ran the Zombie 5K in mid-October 2015 and I did much better this time. I finished in 39 minutes! I ran the entire thing, so that’s a big deal to me. I will not be running this race again. I don’t like how the corrals are set up and basically how the start and finish are conducted.

I took a TWO year break as I was having issues with my IT bands and I sought out a PT for this. I noticed that I was sitting with my legs tucked underneath me when I would sit down. Once I changed this strategy, I had no more issues with my IT bands.

I’ve signed up to do a Santa Fun Run on December 9, 2017. This is the first time I’ve run in December. It’s a 5K on a farm and I’ve heard it’s a nice run with pretty scenery.

I’ve gotten past doing intervals and I’m currently running about 2 3-4 miles at a time. (October 2017) I run the entire thing. I’ve been slowing down as I run if I feel I need to.

I would love to get past a 5K and try an 8K or 10K one day.

I’ve signed up to do my first 8K on April 29, 2018! This is the Inaugural National Women’s Half and 8K run! I’m so stoked!

I’m seriously considering entering the MCM 10K next Fall. The registration opens in mid-April, 2018, so I’m going to see how I feel at that moment and think about it after my first 8K, then decide.