Smoke Free Story

This is my smoke free story! I wrote this ages ago and I updated it to include the year I quit, 1983.

I moved to a new house when I was 10. My mom started to work, it was summer and I met some new friends. I turned 11 that October and I hung out with a “bad” girl down the road. I didn’t know she was bad, she was just fun! She taught me how to hold and light a cigarette. If I had known then what I know now, well, I would have beat the crap outta her and told her mom! Haha. Actually I’m glad that I cannot go back in time as the entire experience has made me who I am today.

One of my 2 brothers smoked and actually gave me cigarettes when I didn’t have the money to buy them!! And my grandpa smoked. He smoked cigarettes for about 30 years then stopped and switched to cigars. To this day I cannot smell a cigar without first being nauseated by the smell and getting a headache and then I think of my grandpa.

In the high school I went to they had a “smoking lounge” out behind the school. It was a big sand lot and everyone went out there to smoke/do drugs. Can you imagine that today?

Cigarettes when I smoked were around $.50 a pack, which was a lot to a teen. A lot. I cannot imagine trying to afford to smoke now. It’s more for one pack than it is for a gallon of gas!

I went through a breakup with my boyfriend the summer that I was 18. 3 days before my 19th birthday I quit smoking. I had been in a cessation program that my parents paid for as long as I followed through for 6 weeks. During this program they charted the nicotine and tar in the cigarettes you smoked. I started out in that course smoking 1 1/2 packs a day of Marlboro reds and stopped 6 weeks later after sucking nothing out of Nows 3 times a day.

I just had my “clicking” moment sometime that summer and I was determined to stop smoking before I turned 19. I had a goal date. It worked for me as I had the help from the program and I made it!

In the program graduation they had me sign a form stating that I would never smoke, buy cigarettes or anything like that for anyone or for myself, I would never light anyone’s cigarette or cigar, etc. either. I have kept to that promise. To this day I still have a problem lighting candles! I have had many birthday parties for my kids, hubby has always lit them. I guess it’s ingrained.

I haven’t had any cravings. Bull headed people seem to do the best with the craving thing once they have the moment in their lives that tells them it’s the point of no return. Haha, I’m so stubborn, but for once it worked in my favor.

I started to chew bubble gum. I blew bubbles. I got pretty good at it too. I ate celery and carrot sticks.

I went through an emotional time when I was in the program. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of a year, I thought we would get married one day. 🙁 I was heartbroken. So, if I can quit through all of that emotional crap, I know anyone can!!

I’m glad I quit and it’s been over 30 years as of this writing. I celebrate my non-smoking anniversary on the 13th of October every year. I tell people that I haven’t smoked in how ever many years it’s been. Strangers, family, everyone! It’s a celebration!!

I met my now husband in December of that year. We married the following July. He told me that he wouldn’t have even LOOKED at me if I had been a smoker.