Update on KM and DR

Well, we are officially on BS2 with DR! We have one car payment as of April 1st as hubby’s car will be paid off next month!! All that money will be directed to our debt snowball. We have started sinking funds for household, car, etc.

I met with our financial advisor a couple of weeks ago and we’re on track for retirement. Whew. It’s nice to see that in black and white vs. just thinking you are ready.

I have to sell a few more things. I have two sewing machines for sale, a MacBookPro, 2 Apple TV’s and 2 Blu-Ray players. I have a few purses listed for sale also.

I have been writing down our monthly savings for the No Spend 2017 and it’s ridiculous that we never noticed that much money leaving our hands. Target and Amazon are definitely the culprits. We did spend some money replenishing items necessary clothes and house wise. But, compared to what we were spending, not knowing where our money was going, it was not that much.

We decided to not join any wholesale clubs and not to renew with BJ’s. I went to Costco and looked around and I actually was surprised that BJ’s had more of a selection of most things. In the long run we are using Amazon Subscribe and Save and Prime Pantry for things that we would have gotten at BJ’s. I know that some of the money saved in January was from that alone. I always overspent in there. Even if I stuck to my list.

Hubby moved into my old office and I’m slowly going through the items that I left in the closet since the move. I have a lot of things to give away, but, I also have some scrapbook things to sell. I did go through the other two spaces last month, this month I just have the board games to go through. Plus we are getting rid of a lot of paperwork from a car accident, so that will clear up A LOT of space in a storage bin that I can use for really important things that I want to save. I go through and scan in documents and art work, I save those to a hard drive. That saves SO MUCH space it’s unbelievable.

I closed down our safe deposit box at the bank. This saves $100 a year. Not much, but, since I would have to wait for someone to let me in and I actually forgot about all the things that were in there, it’s better this way. Less aggravation is always better.

I’ll check in again next month!