I’ve been doing yoga my entire life. When I was a young mom I didn’t have a yoga mat, so, I just used a towel. I remember putting the baby down for a nap, getting some yoga in while she slept. When I had two little ones, one would nap at different times, so, I would just figure out how to do stretches and poses while they slept or played.

I have a pink mat and I used to have a blue pilates mat. I actually just purchased a new mat last year. I bought this one from Amazon:
Aurorae Printed Yoga Mat – 5mm Thick, 72″ Long. Non Toxic, Toxin Free, Biodegradable I purchased the Energy one. It’s a great mat, very long which is great for my poses!

I usually try to do yoga at least once a week at home. There’s not a place here for classes that I can afford. I have a ball, mat and even foam rollers for when my muscles hurt after a run.